About June 8th

In 8th June 2011 my age was completely older and shorter. This is the reality I’m in 22 years old now, just still having a denial feeling about this, hahaa.. in 22 I’m still a student in Faculty of Nursing and almost finishing my bachelor degree. Just like usual, I write my wishes list to Allah about everything that I wanted in life from my study, my dream carrier, my personality and akhlak, my ibadah, and also my love life (halaah…) :P

It’s always become one of my wishes, to better love Allah and better Moslema as daughter of parent, as best friends, as sisters and as wife/mother wanna be. Thanks a lot to all friends who loved me for this long and give me birthday dua’. I just can say, ‘aamiin’ (may Allah ijabah all the duas) from you all my beloved friends.

21.. no no.. no I'm 22

I’ve forgotten since when I like to write everything that I felt and also write down wishes every year in my birthday, maybe about early teenage and until now I’ve been falling in love with writing, telling story about life in words and paragraph. I’m now in 22 years old, uuh.. And I don’t like to confess it and it’s about ten years I’ve been sharpen my skills in writing and I felt my skill have been increasing little by little. It is all because I must finish my bachelor thesis in Indonesian with scientific justification, systematic and standard technique. So now, I’m so proud of my writing skills and with this I’d become a great researcher in nursing (one of my ambition).

Usually people who had birthday received congratulation words, maybe by text message, phone call or a surprise party from close friends and of course a present. Birthday is a day that kids always waiting for. Birthday is a great day for person who had grown up in their life. Yap, I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old my parent held birthday party for me and invite all of my friends to come to our house. Absolutely, there are a lot of gifts in pretty wrap, balloons and absolutely a birthday cake. Ah, childhood seems to be fun and now it’s really different. There is no party, gifts or even a cake, haha.. Its seems like I’m so childish because of wanted some things that kids had. No, I don’t really need all of things like kids’ birthday but I wanted them too. Just for fun in my older age and its felt so envy with a few of my pals got them in their birthday. So clear, you may give others if you want to get something from them. Lot of laugh, its mean you give just like you want it for return. So poor, you may do not have sincerity in giving. Oh Allah, please protect me from that character. Absolutely, I just want to give others and don’t think about the return, because You are the best reward giver.

Huaah.. so delicious!! I want it

All right, then now I can give myself gifts. I make up my Holy Qur’an with handmade cover. It’s made from blue jeans cloth. So cute, hoho.. it’ll protect my Qur’an and may be no one knows that it’s a Qur’an. I think I should give a word so it’ll explain that is a Qur’an. Another gift is a bookmarks . I bought it in Gandaria City when I go hanging out with my old friends. Again, I thought they are so cute (my bookmarks). They are pencil shaped with seven different colors and all of them have mood like people’s face expression. Oh, I like it so much, haha.. They can amuse me when I looked at them. Maybe I’ll use them for book that I read now.

my new cover of Qur'an..
cute bookmarks pencil shaped :D

Oh, yeah it’s just another teasing from my friends in class. We all eat ice cream together and then suddenly they give me an ice cream face mask. They bedraggled ice cream to my face!! Oh, Aiish… sweet and sticky cream full of my face. I’ve tried to stall off but they’re so unavoidably. Then the result is my face sticky with ice cream. But I thought it was so fun, they made me happy in my birthday. Thanks to you all for the ice cream face mask.
I also give my thanks to all friends in facebook, in college, in class that give me congratulations words, care and pray for me. May Allah grant all the pray for me and also to you my friends. Allah must be heard all the dua’. 

Really have nothing to say anymore. oh yeah almost forgot, I'm 22 and its true. Hoho.. so see you in the next story of my life.

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