After through almost 2 months experience in hospital, act like a real nurse or I just like to say: learn to be real and professional nurse, I found a lot of knowledge and skills that I can't find and won't find in academic study.

a lot of enjoyment when you can take care of sick people, whenever he/she in total/partial dependence.

talk and discuss with nurse in setting and sharing about nursing job in hospital.

I found my self deny the health system for nurse in hospital, because of hard workload, Shift-work-Hours, not to much fee..

and they make me doubt about work as nurse in Indonesia.

little example: In big hospital in Jakarta things happen like this, how about the others who lives in more isolated area??

for now, I just want to figured out all the stage of clinical year, I still can't decided yet which field of nursing I 'll choose.


I just love what I’m doing and I know that Nursing is not all about money and benefits in the first place. It’s about being human and following what your heart wants you to do.

I have a lot of what if’s and doubts about the future. Can a weakling like me have the courage and skills to withstand the rocky road of the nursing profession? I can’t answer it myself.

The future might be gloomy for now but at the end of the day, it’s not who I was in the past but who I choose to be for the rest of my life that will matter significantly.

I have the choice to quit Nursing in one day but I choose to love Nursing and it’s one decision that will stay unbreakable for the rest of my life.