The Beginning of a Beautiful Life :)

Iseng ah,, nulis-nulis kita..

the beginning of a beautiful life

What do you think of this statement??

Maybe, some people will connecting this statement with a new life of human. Maybe Marriage, a new born of baby, a new life as University Student, and soon.

I found this statement in a billboard advertise of a Band in Indonesia. Its Maliq &D'essentials. Yap, I like their songs. Cause its really easy listening and very Jazzy. Oh, really like that music.

Billboard advertise

So, lets continue.. For me, statement of  the beginning of a beautiful life make an inspiration between life and anything around it. In my opinion, the beginning word mean a start of something in my life. Every single day of my life is a beginning. Yeah, day turns when the cock's  scream his crow. When sun start to rise from the east. In morning, we start everything, especially for me Muslim start a day with Subuh pray. 

Beautiful means something makes everyone love it. For me, all the small things that happen in me is a part of puzzle in my livable life. Eventhough, sometimes I also felt a bitter pill of life. But, just take it easy. People live in this world will feel everything happen to them with each perspectif. So, life must go around whatever happen.

The Beginning of a beautiful life is always happen in everyday when you wake up from your sleep. 

Just think that every single day is the beginning of a beautiful life
Its an Positive Affirmation, of course it will help you to have more spirit to live

When you said that statement, follow it with you smile 

a deep one, a pure smile from your heart

then, you'll feel so light.. and spirited

All I want to do now is only to love every single part in my life

because its a gift from Allah

2 comments on "The Beginning of a Beautiful Life :)"
  1. Anonymous17/2/11 13:34

    You gave a deep meaning for this everyday words. Like your post :)

  2. thank you, it's just my thought

    so glad to meet you..


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